On my twelfth birthday, at 7:12 pm God allowed me the second most prominent present that any young lady would ever need. I got my period. My first most noteworthy blessing was my boobs and I had just had them; so I was quite damn cheerful. I read the book, “Are You There God it’s Me, Margaret,” twice and related to the primary character’s anguish over getting her period. Until now, this is as yet one of my unsurpassed most loved books on the planet. My mom revealed to me that when my menstrual cycle began that would imply that I had bloomed into a lady equipped for giving life and that I should never let a kid draw close to me. My dad gave me a $20.00 increment in my week by week stipend the day my period began. “You are presently a youngster and you need the additional cash to purchase extraordinary girlie things,” my daddy said. Since the time my period went into my life; I have constantly adored her and she has consistently been my closest companion.

At the point when I was fifteen, she didn’t return home for two months. I was trusting that she had not fled with a kid – however sadly my impulses were correct. After this occurrence I constantly attempted to control her with engineered hormones, fruitfulness graphs, sexual positions, and an assortment of different obstructions however she has consistently had her very own brain.